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Join me on fireside chat for interactive, informal, and engaging conversations with my guests as we share personal stories and thoughts on various topics.

Live on Fireside Chat!

Join me on fireside chat for interactive, informal and engaging talks with my guest’s where we share personal stories and thoughts on various topics.

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Over 152 episodes from my previous podcast…

  • Roger Brown - President of Berklee College of Music

Roger H. Brown


WHIMSY & LEAVING A LEGACY Episode 134 | Roger H. Brown I think it's important to talk about how Berklee, as a world leader in education, is adjusting to keeping their students safe and on course as they continue their studies. We also explored Roger's personal journey from Georgia to Kenya, [...]

  • Gino Vanelli

Gino Vannelli


MUSIC, PHILOSOPHY AND SPIRITUALITY Episode 132 | Gino Vannelli Whether performing piano-voice concerts in theaters, singing before symphony orchestras in concert halls, big bands or a pop ensemble to throngs of enthusiastic fans, Gino remains impassioned and true to his art as ever. In his own words… “The best works lie [...]

  • Toni Basil and Terry Wollman

Toni Basil


ICONIC CHOREOGRAPHER Episode 130 | Toni Basil Toni Basil has excelled in every entertainment medium… stage, music, commercials, television, film and video. Her unique form of artistic mastery is at the heart of all her work. She remains a true pioneer in the dance world, a visionary and a genuine American [...]

  • Raul Campos

Raul Campos


FROM CLUB DJ TO KCRW HOST Episode 124 | Raul Campos Radio host, DJ and producer Raul Campos creates a mix of emerging artists and current favorites, bringing essential cuts from around the world and a little closer to home - from soulful grooves and fresh remixes to Latin rhythms and [...]

  • Sy Smith

Sy Smith


SOUL FROM THE UNDERGROUND Episode 76 | Sy Smith Sy Smith has long since solidified her place in the world of underground soul music (she’s often called “the hardest working woman in underground soul”). This Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer helped cultivate the nu-soul scene in that city more than [...]

  • Terry Wollman, Ray Parker Jr.

Ray Parker Jr.


WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Episode 12 | Ray Parker Jr. You know Ray Parker Jr. as the artist who wrote and recorded Ghostbusters, but what you don’t know is his back story and what it took for him to get there. From the streets of Detroit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, [...]

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With a music career spanning 70 years Al Schmitt has earned more than 150 gold and platinum albums along with 23 Grammy awards. In his candid interview on “Making It with Terry Wollman”, Al shares what it’s like to record some of the worlds greatest recording artists.

Will Lee: Veteran bassist and friend Will Lee (Late Show with David Letterman) joins me for a lively conversation at the History of Recorded Sound.

Making It with Terry Wollman shares stories and insights into the entertainment business.

A weekly source of inspiration and information, the podcast “Making it with Terry Wollman” fuels the spectrum of game-changers who define what it means to be a successful person in the music industry today.

Tune in for strategic insights into the music and entertainment industry where I share personal stories and experiences of celebrated artists, producers, engineers, and instrument manufacturers from around the world.

Mod Squad’s Michael Cole

Taylor Guitars Master Builder Andy Powers live at NAMM

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Melissa Manchester